Category: Corporate Social Responsibility

TJ Plays Easter Bunny at Christel House

Well, well, well, it seems our TJ-ers have...Learn More

TJ and BLT upgraded Songo’s Computer Lab

ACTIVITIES OF THE DAY On 5 August (last...Learn More

We hosted a Software Development Job Shadow for Grade 11 Pupils

From left: Blessed Chitamba (TJ), Fezile Ngubo, Aphelele Mpakama,...Learn More

Easter Egg Drive 2022

This month we ran an Easter egg drive at the office. We managed to...Learn More

TJ sets up Infrastructure Technology at Orion Organisation

Our nurturing, caring and skill development of people with disabilities...Learn More

TJ lends a helping hand to Eros School

Eros School aims to serve learners with Cerebral Palsy, Physical...Learn More