Transaction Junction builds bicycles for charity whilst having fun in the sun

April 25, 2022
Mystery Team Building

Transaction Junction headed out on a ‘mystery’ team building event at Meerendal in Durbanville.

The brief was simple: wear sports clothing, hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen. The teams’ excitement was palpable.

As we arrived at Meerendal, we enjoyed some coffee before heading out onto lush green fields to reveal the day’s agenda.

The day’s agenda included some usual team building activities like icebreakers, light exercise and eventually, the big surprise was breaking into groups and building children’s bicycles which were to be donated to a children’s charity (Patch, followed by lunch and drinks. The teams constructed the bikes quicker than expected, then took to testing them through some fun competitive relay races.

One of the highlights of the day was when the teams got to reconnect with their inner child by chasing each other with water guns – perfect for a sunny day!

The day was overall a fantastic day, with loads of fun in the sun whilst contributing to a worthy cause.

Patch Helderberg Stop Child Abuse
Patch Helderberg

We built thirteen bicycles which we dropped off at Patch in Somerset West on 22 April. Whilst there, we were given a tour of the Patch premises, and learned about some of the incredible work they do to help the children in their care. They will gift the bikes to some of the children to help brighten their day.

Transaction Junction builds bikes for charity