TJ sets up Infrastructure Technology at Orion Organisation

April 6, 2022

Our nurturing, caring and skill development of people with disabilities here at Orion Organisation, is handled across our organisation through a variety of residential and day facilities and various structured programmes that encourage and develop each person to the best of their individual abilities.

orion organisation
Orion has various initiatives

Day Care Centre:

  • Children daycare
  • Interactive and facilitated therapy
  • Ongoing staff training and development
  • Adult daycare

Residential care:

  • Accommodates 80 permanent residents
  • 6 houses
  • Assisted living care

Art centre:

  • Enables creative freedom and expression
  • Showcases the wonderful talent of those living with disabilities

Job creation:

  • Capacity for 150 adults with disabilities
  • Has significant contracts with large retail corporates
Infrastructure technology
  • We installed their office infrastructure, WiFi and access points at Orion Organisation
  • We did the cabling, network, file sharing and created a domain for them
  • We donated a server and did all the wiring