Payment Provider, Transaction Junction, utilises AWS Cloud to scale Internationally

May 26, 2022
Payment Processor, Transaction Junction, provides seamless customer onboarding through AWS Cloud Platform

With a well-established existing presence in South Africa, and the country’s switching market being rather saturated, we had a strong motivation to expand our reach across the borders. To successfully expand, we knew we needed to make the onboarding process remote, hassle-free and as simple as possible. We also knew we needed to make our responsiveness to our customers as quick and efficient as possible.

For these reasons, we looked at moving Junction@POS (our POS integration application) onto the AWS Cloud (Amazon Web Services).

We met with Andrew Baker, former Director of Engineering at AWS (now current CTO at Capitec), who inspired us to make the move right away. After the meeting, Paul Pretorius, GM: Product Delivery at Transaction Junction, rallied the teams and we began planning. We moved Junction@POS onto the AWS Cloud very quickly (in about two weeks), and we were quite pleased by how simple it was.


Transaction Junction offers Payments as a Service via the TJ Imbeko transaction processing suite, delivering solutions across the payment’s ecosystem, including value-added services (VAS), digital disbursements, person-to-person payments and Deposit@Till. By making these services available via our cloud-services offering, customers can benefit from:

  • Real-time payments;
  • Embedded fraud and risk management;
  • Unsurpassed service availability, including automated onboarding and large-scale deployments;
  • Intelligent payment routing;
  • Reconciliation and settlement as a service; and
  • Advanced security, including PCI Level 1 and P2PE validated services.

Our AWS Cloud solution has enabled us to remotely deploy Junction@POS and serve customers anywhere in the world, without having to physically send an engineer to the store. It enables us to configure updates remotely and serve thousands of clients at the click of a button.

The onboarding time is greatly reduced – from two weeks to three days, while most of our competitors take over a month and often require additional servers to be installed in the store.

It takes away the need for store managers to make themselves available to us to do physical installations and updates, while providing us with improved control over our systems, enabling us to better serve our customers.

Our customers can also benefit from reduced costs. Utilising the cloud, the customer doesn’t need to invest in infrastructure to support disparate databases or hardware in relation to large estate deployment, server-based solutions, maintenance costs or similar.


According to Lester Sonemann, Head of Product at Transaction Junction: “We chose AWS because it is well-established and has excellent PCI DSS security framework capabilities. Blue Label Telecoms, our shareholding company, also uses AWS, which makes it cost-effective for us, and in-turn cost-effective for our customers. AWS is also a South African company with around 1 000 employees in Cape Town alone, and we like to support locally. Additionally, we know many of the AWS employees and we know they are smart!”

We have successfully piloted Junction@POS on AWS and from now on, all our future customers will be onboarded on this platform.

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