Transaction Junction backs TANKS Learn to Code

May 1, 2021
Transaction Junction launches Tanks at Songo in Kayamandi

TANKS Learn To Code was developed with the aim of introducing coding to children who don’t have access to computers. The mission is to inspire a new career prospect to children who would otherwise never be aware of this option.

The app was developed in 2017 by Nelson Mandela University (NMU) computing sciences student Byron Batteson. Associate Professor in Computing Sciences at NMU, Jean Greyling, has managed the project co-ordination of the app. Transaction Junction’s Software Development Manager, Marc Kemsley was taught by Prof Greyling at varsity, and was inspired to get TJ involved in TANKS.

TANKS consists of a mobile app and tokens, and has 35 levels, whereby players need to get the tank to the destination in each level. The tank on the app, can only be moved when the player uses the physical tokens they are given to build the code.

TANKS teaches a number of proper coding concepts that are learned in 1st year varsity.

TANKS Learn To Code

It is important to note that while TANKS won’t turn a child into a software developer, it is about introducing children the underlying concepts of coding as a set of instructions, and opening up the possibilities of a whole career that can be built out of this. 


Marc Kemsley, Software Development Manager, Transaction Junction

School in a box
Transaction Junction Sponsors TANKS and School in a Box

Transaction Junction facilitates TANKS workshops on a regular basis and has sponsored a large number of TANKS Learn To Code kits. We have also trained facilitators on how to teach TANKS to children.

We partnered with School In a Box, an initiative that teaches children the school curriculum through the use of tablets – our partnership with them has helped to distribute TANKS. We sponsored R100 000 worth of TANKS kits through School in a Box, and these have been sent to various schools – mostly in sub-Saharan Africa and Eagle Learning in Zimbabwe.