TJ and Songo: Building Brighter Futures

May 1, 2021

“Songo has humble beginnings: from a dream of providing a safe space for children to play on bikes, it has evolved into an Educational and Sports programme focused on creating a long-term impact for the children in Kayamandi, Stellenbosch. Our key objective is that every child who comes through the Songo programme goes on to be a confident, well-rounded individual who is gainfully employed and a contributing member of the community. We currently have 85 children from ages 6 to 24 years within the Songo family.”
Songo has various programmes

Sports programme:

  • BMX
  • Mountain biking
  • Songo tots

Education programme:

  • General school support
  • Reading eggs
  • Tertiary education support


They aim to broaden the children’s horizons, assisting them to gain the skills that enable them to cope with the challenges that life throws at them.

A hands-on approach

Transaction Junction has ongoing initiatives to support the Songo children and staff.  Songo is very personal to us, we make monthly visits to check-in, help out wherever possible, and of course, ride bikes with the kids on their awesome trail!

TANKS: Learn to code

We facilitated the launch of TANKS at Songo. TANKS is a problem-solving game that teaches the basics of programming in a fun and creative way. Using a combination of tokens and an app, TANKS is an initiative that can introduce anyone to the world of coding without the need for a computer. Songo was already equipped with School in a Box which is an initiative that supports learning through tablets – this, along with the tokens, provided the platform for us to do the launch.

Supporting the computer lab

We set up a computer lab to provide a space where children visit after school to do homework, print materials and in-turn improve their computer literacy. We set up the infrastructure, installed WiFi and we also donate laptops on a regular basis.

We also provide ongoing in-house IT training for the Songo staff to enable them to provide their own IT services.

Transaction Junction set up the Songo computer lab