What are Value-Added Services?

Some Value-Added Services (VAS) include products such as data, airtime, electricity, vouchers, and tokens. Businesses can add these products alongside their regular products, adding enormous value (hence: Value-Added Services) to both their customers and themselves.

We process far more VAS transactions than any other payment processor in South Africa with over 100 million VAS transactions processed each month. We can enable VAS integrations from the POS at day one, and at no additional cost.

VAS and loyalty

Our VAS Integrations

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Retail Benefits


Our integrated payment clients are not just able to sell VAS alongside their products. They can also automatically reward their customers with VAS at the point of sale to thank them for their purchase. We enable automatic VAS rewards if predetermined conditions are met. For instance, a business could gift customers R10 airtime (from the provider of their choice) if the customer is the 100th shopper for the day. Feeling rewarded for their patronage, customers are more likely to return.

For businesses continuously looking to improve the customer experience, rewarding customers for their purchases with Value-Added Services is the perfect way to ensure a customer ends up leaving the store smiling.

Value-Added Services (VAS)
image: businesstech.co.za

VAS products, such as airtime and data are products that merchants can expect consumers to buy on a weekly or monthly basis. Because products such as airtime and data can be purchased directly at the point of sale, this allows merchants to up-sell when customers are paying for their items. There will never be a question of whether customers will buy these products – they are a given sale and are all growing in purchasing volume year-on-year.

Essentially, with each VAS sale, the retailer will earn a profit.


Value-Added Services can be used to capitalize on consumer trends as well. For instance, the increasing interest in subscription-based streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify amongst South Africans is a resource that can be harnessed by local businesses.

While selling airtime and data is a great way to serve any South African customer, the popular “niche” products such as Netflix, Spotify, Xbox and PlayStation can attract growing segmented consumer groups. Netflix, for instance, has seen an increase of 668% from 2016 to 2020 amongst South African consumers.

There are many more examples of how businesses enhance the customer experience of their customers by selling VAS. You can attract movie enthusiasts with VAS in the form of Netflix or Showmax vouchers. You could also attract the musically inclined with Spotify vouchers, and for constant commuters, you can offer Uber vouchers. These also make for great gifting options and are a way to introduce people to these products.

VAS (Value-Added) Service Netflix

Shoppers are more likely to spend money on your products or services as opposed to those of your competitors when you offer VAS. If there is one thing we know about South African shoppers, it is that they switch between brands to find the business that provides the most convenience to their lives.

We can also guarantee that nearly every South African uses at least one of the VAS products our merchants have at their disposal.

Inspecting transactions through Transpector 5

Many payment processors consider their job done after payments have been processed. Not us! We provide our customers with access to Transpector 5, which gives an intuitive view of each transaction as it happens, along with graphical information on transactional trends with various filtering options.

Transpector 5 also provides for digital reconciliation. This negates the need for retailers to do a manual matching process to find the exception transactions. Our reconciliation engine automatically displays the exception transactions so that they can easily be reconciled at the end of the day.