Payment Switching and Integrated Payment at the POS

Our industry-leading integrated payment platform provides our merchants with complete peace of mind while enabling solutions that reduce cost, increase efficiency, and contribute to a seamless and modern customer experience.

We take care of the complexities of payment processing and provide an intuitive, real-time view of your payments, settlement reconciliation, and retail footprint.

Our solutions are device-agnostic, bank-agnostic, and enable an expanding ecosystem of ‘closed-loop’ and digital payment providers, all integrated directly to your point of sale.

As the provider of omnichannel payments across channels on a single platform, we offer an end-to-end transaction processing solution to retailers, which meets all their payment requirements in what is a digitally transforming environment.

pos system at grocery store

Revolutionising Payment Switching

Our Payment Switching software is truly the brain behind what we do. When a customer makes a purchase at a retailer, they seldom consider the business-enablement platform that provides the link between themselves, the retailer and the bank facilitating the transaction. However, this platform is vital to ensuring that such a payment can be processed rapidly and accurately, and that the customer can obtain their product, while the retailer receives their money. This platform facilitating this, is known as the Payment Switch.

We built our own Switch in 2017, something we always said we would never do. The name for our In-house Switch is ‘Imbeko’, which is a Xhosa term that means ‘respect’ – a phrase we feel exudes the qualities of reliability and integrity, and which ties directly to the respect accorded the proper management of vital financial transactions. 


We call our POS integration application Junction@POS

Junction@POS is a fully integrated payment interface for managing the payment experience at POS and coordinates communications between the POS, pin pad and acquiring bank. Payment Integration means that card purchases are accurately recorded on the POS with real-time responses updating the status of the transaction.

With Junction@POS, when it is time for the customer to pay for their goods at the till, the amount is automatically sent from the POS to the card payment terminal, without the cashier having to manually capture this amount on the pin pad. This reduces human error and the associated reconciliation costs while also saving time.

The Junction@POS integrated payment software is embedded with P2PE encryption. P2PE encryption means that sensitive data is never exposed within the store environment thereby reducing the impact of PCI on merchants. 

Integrated payment Junction@POS

We also switch Value-Added Services (VAS)

We enable our payment switching customers to sell airtime, electricity and other Value-Added Services (VAS). If requested, this service can arrive integrated into the point of sale at no additional cost, from day one. We also enable our customers to automatically reward their customers with VAS based on pre-defined rules (e.g. R10 airtime if the shopper is the 100th of the day). This helps to improve customer loyalty and drives key business objectives.

We take care of the complexities of Payment Processing

Due to our expertise in integrations, we take on average 2 weeks to install Junction@POS. After end-to-end testing, we set up the system neatly in the customer’s store, so that when trading time starts all the retailer needs to do is start the system. Junction@POS does not require any training and our customers tell us they love the ease of use.

Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t require our customers to install servers to use our Imbeko switching services, saving our customers once-off cost of up to R10 000 per store.

Inspecting transactions through Transpector 5

Many payment processors consider their job done after payments have been processed. Not us! We provide our customers with access to Transpector 5, which gives an intuitive view of each transaction as it happens, along with graphical information on transactional trends with various filtering options.

Transpector 5 also provides for digital reconciliation. This negates the need for retailers to do a manual matching process to find the exception transactions. Our reconciliation engine automatically displays the exception transactions so that they can easily be reconciled at the end of the day.


Benefits of owning our own Payment Switch

There are no blockers to innovation

The fact that we can do everything ourselves without constraints, gives us agility and flexibility, and puts us in control of our own destiny. We don’t have to wait for a third party to innovate, develop and test.

We can fix bugs quickly

We are able to fix bugs as they are discovered without being accountable to a third party. This level of agility has attracted a wide range of customers.

We reduce costs for our customers

Because we own our own Switching software, we are not liable to third party price increases, which are then passed onto customers.

Transactions are processed with enhanced security

Junction@ POS is embedded with P2PE, ensuring transactions are always processed with the highest level of security. Whilst most of our competitors charge for P2PE, we offer this for free.

Enhanced speed and accurate transactions

We process over 2 billion transactions annually, whilst most of our competitors process less than 1 billion annually. Transactions switched through our Switching software are processed faster, and with fewer declined transactions.

Accurate reconciliation and reporting

Often what should be in the merchants account versus what is actually there, does not match. Our Transpector 5 platform displays the “exception” transactions, which can then be easily reconciled.

Who can benefit from Payment Switching?

Switching is an essential platform to any FMCG, restaurant, hospitality, retail, fuel or tourism business. Up until recent times, only larger businesses had access to payment switching. Now with the availability, affordability and seamless onboarding process provided by Transaction Junction, anyone can benefit.