When Manual Reconciliation Nightmares Go to Die (Thanks to TJ!)

May 10, 2023

Sarah’s life was like a rollercoaster ride, except it only had one constant: the dreaded task of manual reconciliation at the end of the day. She was a hard-working Business Owner of an eco-friendly store named “Green Dreams” – they sold everything from eco-friendly clothing, to plant-based wellness products to sustainable lifestyle products. But at the end of the day, after all her staff had gone home, she would have to sift through piles of till slips, trying to match them with the respective transactions on the Point of Sale system. She did this to find any discrepancies between the banks’ view of the transactions and the store’s view. It was a tedious task, but she knew it was crucial to ensure her business was settled for the correct amount.

One day, disaster struck as some of the till slips went missing. Sarah frantically searched for them, but they were nowhere to be found. She came home late, and her family was already asleep. As she ate dinner alone, she thought, “There has to be a better way to do this.”

When Manual Reconciliation Nightmares Go to Die (Thanks to TJ!)

The next day, she stumbled upon Transaction Junction, which provided an automated reconciliation solution. Sarah was thrilled! She quickly signed up and was up and running on the system in no time.

Now, Transaction Junction does all the work for her, digitally generating a daily report that shows her the comparison between the transaction data recognised by the bank and the store, with discrepancies and the expected bank amount clearly identified. Sarah was amazed! From then on, she no longer had to stay late at work and could go home to spend time with her family.

And with all that extra time on her hands, Sarah was able to expand her store’s selection of eco-friendly products even further! Green Dreams became the go-to spot for anyone looking to live sustainably, with everything from reusable straws to solar-powered phone chargers. And best of all, Sarah could rest easy knowing that her business’s finances were in order, and she could focus on what she loved most: spreading the word about eco-conscious living. Who knew that a few missing till slips could lead to such a happy ending?

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