VAS-tly Improve Your Retail Game By Selling Value-Added-Services

April 11, 2023
Transaction Junction Value-Added Services Sell Electricity Airtime Data Vouchers Lotto In Your Store

Did you know that we’re not just a payment processing company, but also a Value-Added-Service (VAS) processor? We can help your business earn additional revenue and enhance the customer experience by selling airtime, data, electricity, vouchers and Lotto tickets, right from the Point of Sale (POS). Plus, we can integrate these services into the POS from day one, without any additional costs to you. We can even help you surprise and delight your customers with instant airtime rewards.

Also, we process more VAS transactions than any other company in South Africa – so you know we are doing something right!

We’re committed to making your lives easier by providing your business with tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Check out our full list of VAS products:

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