Transaction Junction and Efficacy Payments develop game-changing disbursement platform

November 29, 2022

In September 2019, Efficacy Payments, a payment enabler focused on financial inclusion and cash displacement, partnered with Transaction Junction (TJ) to bring Deposit @ Till to all Pick n Pay and Boxer till points. This enabled customers to deposit cash into their Visa or Mastercard cards, availing the money in their account in real-time. This negated the need for customers to physically go to the bank to deposit money, enabling convenient real-time cash deposits.

Transaction Junction and Efficacy Payments Disbursement Platform

“Efficacy Payments and TJ share a common vision regarding the evolution of financial technology to improve the customer experience. An intricate understanding of the industry, combined with a passion for delivering market-leading innovations, made the partnership a logical choice to meet an industry need and stimulate ways to increase financial inclusion.”

Craig Duggan, General Manager: Payment Services, Transaction Junction

Since the successful launch of Deposit @ Till, Efficacy and TJ have embarked on several industry-defining innovations. Critical among these is recognising the need to digitise cash and improve the customer experience in the e-commerce world.


A disbursement is a type of push payment that involves pushing funds from a corporate to a consumer’s card in real-time.

We can do disbursements to any Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card and have the funds available in the receivers’ card in real-time, regardless of who the individual or corporate banks with.

A push payment consists of two components – a funding transaction followed by the actual sending transaction. In another first for South Africa, we can now successfully process an AFT (account funding transaction), which is the transaction type used to fund the transaction, and then utilise the OCT (original credit transaction) in order to complete the sending of the funds to the recipient.


Corporations such as insurance companies can use our disbursement capabilities in order to pay instantly with strict compliance requirements and without the risk of a dispute or reversal. Without this solution, corporates would typically use EFT; which, when between different participating banks, may take up to 48 hours to clear and often isn’t available on weekends, public holidays, etc.


“The main benefits of disbursements are that it is cleared in real-time, with significant cost savings per transaction. You could say this solution competes with instant EFT; however, instant EFT can cost between R10 and R70 a transaction, making it an expensive option for many corporates and individuals. We charge below R10 a transaction and see no reason why instant EFT should cost over and above this,”

Andrew Marsh, Managing Director, Efficacy Payments

Efficacy and Transaction Junction continue to drive the push payment journey by bringing innovative solutions that solve real-time customer requirements in the South African landscape.


Efficacy Payments is a South African payments company that was founded to displace cash in formal and informal retail environments. Efficacy’s vision to drive the electronification of payments and foster greater financial inclusion in key African markets.

Efficacy takes a partner-led approach to payments innovation, working closely with banks, retailers and financial services providers to develop customer-centric payments solutions. Driven by a senior team with a wealth of experience in the local and global payments, technology and financial services industries, Efficacy Payments works with their partners to develop innovative digital payment systems that deliver new levels of inclusion, relevance and value to consumers and businesses.