Transaction Junction’s Scan to Pay Dynamic QR Code

March 2, 2022
scan to pay dynamic qr code

The Transaction Junction (TJ) Scan to Pay Dynamic QR code is generated uniquely for each transaction and displayed on the PED, for the customer to scan through the payment app of their choice. The main benefit is that it enables merchants to offer their customers a variety of digital payment methods through a single QR code. Without this solution, merchants will need to integrate with a number of digital payment providers and support a number of barcode types.

The integrated nature of this solution ensures that the transaction amount is included in each dynamic QR code, negating the need for the cashier to enter this on the POS, or for the customer to enter the amount on their app, in turn, reducing human-error and the costs associated.


“The QR code payment space is quite fragmented with retailers either having to select one of the digital payment providers or cater for multiple providers by displaying different codes, specific to each provider.  Our concept is to offer a TJ-generated QR code that can be scanned by all the provider apps, thus catering to a merchant that requires acceptance of more than one digital payment in a simple and frictionless manner.”


Lester Sonemann, Head of Product at Transaction Junction

  • SnapScan
  • Zapper
  • MasterPass

“Our solution aims to bring the QR code payment capability into the integrated retail space, in as simple a way as possible.  By using dynamically generated QR codes tailored for each transaction, the payment process at the POS is quick and easy to complete. There are no requirements for any user input apart from scanning the code with their handset.  The solution integrates to POS environments in exactly the same way as more traditional card payment methods, implying no changes are required to POS systems for retailers to benefit from accepting as many QR code providers as they want,” says Sonemann.

  1. First things first, the cashier will scan the customer’s items when they are brought to the till.
  2. Once all the items are scanned, the cashier will then ask the customer how they would like to pay.
  3. The customer then states that they wish to pay through a digital payment method.
  4. The cashier selects the QR Code payment option.
  5. A unique QR Code will be generated and displayed the card terminal.
  6. The customer opens the payment app of their choice on their smartphone.
  7. The customer scans the dynamic QR code using the camera function in the payment app.
  8. The customer pays for their items through their payment app.
  9. Both the cashier and the customer will receive a notification to confirm the success of the transaction.
  10. The payment is complete.
  11. Through Transpector, the retailer can see the transaction details real-time.

The rising consumer demand of digital payment should be incentive for merchants to start offering this if they do not already. Easy and affordable to implement, it is an excellent tool in increasing the quality of your customer service and the checkout speed.

The process of integrating QR Code payments into your POS is easy. The scan-to-pay dynamic QR code is compatible with a number of screens with different LED types, making it easy for many merchants to digitise and tidy up their payment systems.

Considering just how drastically the pandemic has altered consumer hygiene standards, there is an undeniable expectation for non-touch payment systems.  The dynamic QR code reduces the customer’s contact with both the cashier and the payment terminal making it a far cleaner transaction.

According to Lester Sonemann, “the solution is extremely secure in that all data transmitted between TJ and the POS is fully secured to a PCI-DSS level, while data exchanged between TJ and the QR providers is secured using industry-standard TLS.”

Being one of the fastest and simplest methods of information transfer, the dynamic QR code provides a seamless, error-free customer experience in-store.

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