We processed R17.7 Billion in Black November 2021

December 13, 2021

We processed over R17.7 Billion in Black November 2021, with a transaction volume of 176 945 372. This is far higher than any other payment processor in South Africa! We reached a maximum TPS (transactions per second) of 195, and had an average TPS of 125.

Congratulations to all our customers for the successful Black November 2021! It is an exciting time for retailers, shoppers, and of course, the payment processors. Thank you to our payment partners who have been monumental in the success this Black November.


According to Jonathan Luies, Transaction Junction, “Black Fridays have one common experience in the payments industry; business people running around trying to manage worried customers, techies trying to put out fires, a general sense of tension while we try to keep the platforms ticking. Until now. there was a general sense of calm during an uneventful day at TJ on Black Friday. As our live dashboards ticked above a sustained 100TPS, there were a few pats on the back and smiles, and then everyone just went back to what they were doing.”

“I guess we are just very over-resourced on our tech stack”, one of our IT ops guys remarked.

Black November 2021

Around 4.30pm on Friday – a few of us were having a cold one, chatting about the good old days of dial up internet. A panicked shriek from the support team pierced the calm – nope, not platform-related – someone had just lost a game of dominoes. Honestly, it felt surreal – this is not how Black Friday is supposed to go!”

“Transaction Junction has built an incredible switch, that processes more transactions than any other switch in South Africa, allowing our techies and our customers both get to sleep peacefully.”

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