Integrated Payments

Providing merchants with peace of mind through our unique payment offering, TJ offers a cost-effective yet industry differentiating solution that ensures payments are delivered at the POS, securely and on-time.

As a managed service offering, we take care of the complexities associated with operating a payment system while at the same time ensuring our customers have direct and intelligible access to their transaction data.

Through offering integrations that ensure a rich bouquet of services at the POS that are simply without peer in the industry today, TJ is your payments integrator of choice.

We are completely device and bank agnostic, providing our customers with the flexibility to choose their service providers and industry partners.

Making use of our integrated payment solutions will include access to our industry-defining online payment component Junction@POS that will manage all your in-store requirements, including but not limited to:

Point to Point Encryption (P2PE)
NFC including contactless payments
End to end reconciliation
Transaction Process Manager
Software Downloads
Remote Key Management
Connectivity Manager
Pluggable extensions (including entry and exit points for virtual content and 3rd party services such as mobile payments)

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