PSP Security
Transaction Junction (Pty) Ltd, a leading provider of payment solutions to the retail industry can now offer customers a PCI validated point-to-point encryption solution, thereby ensuring the protection of consumer cardholder data at point-of-sale. The PCI Security Standards Council is a global forum that continuously evaluates, streamlines and publishes industry-influencing guidelines assisting those institutions that comply with these guidelines to provide payment solutions that customers can trust. PCI Point-To-Point Encryption solutions assist merchants to protect themselves and their customers from costly data breaches. A Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) Solution contains encryption and decryption environments, configuration and design, Point of Interaction (POI) devices, and other necessary components. Jurie Matthee, MD of Transaction Junction explains that going the route of a full validation of the TJ Payment Solution has been a strategic imperative that further enhances the benefits of adopting the TJ solution to POS vendors, merchant retailers and financial institutions. “TJ adhered to the guidelines as published by the PCI Security Standards Council and has worked tirelessly with our QSA, SecuriCentrix and their PCI P2PE Certification team helping to ensure that our integrated retail solution provides the maximum benefit.  The P2PE validation path was a natural addition to our retail solution, confirming that we can ensure security peace of mind to ourselves, our banking partners and most importantly, to our customers,” explains Matthee. “Trust is an imperative that simply cannot be broken, we recognise this and will continue to focus on driving value where it is needed” says Matthee. As a merchant retailer there are significant benefits to deploying a P2PE certified solution in your business, including:
  • The securing of payment card data using established strong encryption processes.
  • A simplification of the overall PCI validation process due to significant scope reduction benefits.
  • Reduces the number of SAQ-D questions on a merchant’s PCI Assessment from 332, to 33 using SAQ-P2PE.
  • Significant cost savings to the merchant retailer in association with their own PCI compliance requirements by indicating that their solution is validated by the PCI Security Standards Council