Smart Mobile Payment

Mobile Point of Sale (Mobile POS / mPOS) systems have enabled merchants to break free of the traditional checkout process to create a rich experience for their customers. Whether this means enabling ordering on a device in a restaurant, accepting payment on delivery, capturing customer feedback after payment, or queue-busting in store, it is clear that mobility solutions are a new frontier for customer-centric innovation.


Our Solution

Our supported mobile POS devices arrive pre-integrated directly to our payment platform so that all devices within our merchants’ environments connect to a single interface. Seamless integration to a unified platform enables efficient operational and financial management.

We don’t compete with the banks, we work with them to offer our customers a seamless mobile payment system.

Mobile POS integrated payment


Almost every customer who walks into a store has a smart mobile device on hand, so it makes sense for merchants to have a similar device on-hand, to better assist customers and boost business.

Queue Busting

Queueing at the checkout has always been an accepted but unpleasant part of the shopping experience. With a solid mPOS system, it is possible for customers to go through a checkout without ever having to queue.

Endless Aisle

Greet your customers on the shop floor with everything you need to serve them on a portable, smart mobile device. mPOS allows merchants to create checkout points anywhere in the store.

Customer Experience

With access to product information, the ability to order, check stock, and arrange deliveries, all on the shop floor while engaging with the customer; the customer experience is enriched and expanded.

Floor Space

mPOS allows merchants to free up valuable floor space by reducing the number tills in a store, creating more room for valuable merchandise.
Mobile POS pay@table

Restaurants and Fast-Food Chains

Restaurant customers expect nothing less than perfect service. We understand that slow table turnaround and incorrect orders are harmful to the dining experience, and this is likely to affect revenue, repeat visits and tipping.

Speed Up Table Turnaround

With a solid mobile POS system; waiters no longer need to walk back-and-forth from the POS, and can tend to customers faster. When a waiter places an order on the integrated mPOS device, while engaging with the customer at the table, the order is sent straight to the kitchen (Order@Table).

When it is time to pay the bill, the waiter processes payment on the mPOS device, and it is automatically synchronised with the POS system (Pay@Table). An integrated mPOS system also allows customers to pay at the reception counter (Pay@Counter), which gives customers the convenience to leave the restaurant in their own time. This system reduces the number of steps in the dining experience, creating a faster, more efficient process.

Improve Customer Experience

Order@Table reduces mistakes by negating the need to memorise menu orders correctly. Waiters can simply view a digital menu on the device, with easy access to food descriptions and pictures. Less time spent visiting the POS also means waiters can spend more time on service, and gain higher tips!

Increase Revenue

Because mPOS speeds up table turnaround, more customers are served in a day, increasing revenue.

Payment on Delivery

Our Pay@Motorbike system, offering a wide range of payment methods, has proven beneficial to delivery businesses through the ability to seamlessly accept real-time payments, regardless of location.

Inspecting transactions through Transpector 5

Many payment processors consider their job done after payments have been processed. Not us! We provide our customers with access to Transpector 5, which gives an intuitive view of each transaction as it happens, along with graphical information on transactional trends with various filtering options.

Transpector 5 also provides for digital reconciliation. This negates the need for retailers to do a manual matching process to find the exception transactions. Our reconciliation engine automatically displays the exception transactions so that they can easily be reconciled at the end of the day.